Silverfish are primitive insects which belong to the insect order Thysanura. Several species enter houses and infest areas where starchy materials, such as paper, books and fabrics are stored. They also occur in roof cavity areas and are often found to have fallen into baths and sinks because they cannot climb smooth surfaces. Silverfish are covered with small scales and are somewhat flattened. Silverfish may live for up to 4 years. All life stages moult, including the adults.

Silverfish Prevention & Control

  • Inspecting goods bought into the home (such as second hand books) may help to avoid infestation.
  • Books, files and papers should be stored in light and airy conditions where possible.
  • Foods kept in kitchen areas should be kept in sealed containers and crumbs and scraps cleaned up immediately a spill has occurred thus reducing the suitability of that environment to silverfish and other insect pests.


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