Termite Protection

The climatic conditions of In Mt Isa Qld can be commonly categorized as hot and humid. During the summer months, the average maximum temperature reaches 30 degree Celsius. This weather is extremely favorable for pests and termites to make way in your homes, the humidity is quite a trouble and it simply adds to your list of trouble if you have to take charge of the problem of pests.

Prevention and Protection from Termites

There are a few easily available termite protection systems that you can follow. Let us take a look at some of the most common termite protection techniques:

  • Baiting and Monitoring Expertise: – For effective termite monitoring, it is essential to place low-profile termite baiting stations that help in monitoring termite activity in and around your property. Our Out Back Pest Control expert will conduct regular monitoring of these stations to detect any level of termite activity. This method can be implemented during any stage of your building’s life.

  • Ecofriendly Termite Barrier: – Our chemical termite barrier includes application of ecofriendly liquid chemical around your building’s perimeter and under the concrete flooring of your home. This ensures that your house is completely protected from termites. We provide this termite protection method at any stge of your building’s life.

  • Physical Termite Barrier: – You will require physical termite barrier at the time of home/office extension or addition. The physical termite barriers prevent termites from entering your structure along areas where these barriers are installed. The barriers compel termites to expose themselves to the open surface, which makes it easy to detect them. Our physical termite barrier acts as a protective material based layer while pouring out your slab (during construction) or as partial barrier when used for stopping subterranean termites from entering through pipe or the perimeter of your structure into your house. You can implement this method only before you start constructing your home/office.

  • Reticulation System:-This system involves distributing chemicals evenly in your building’s foundation and perimeter using your underground pipe network. We use a controlled amount of ecofriendly chemicals for distribution so that we can re-use this system. In this way, we can reapply the chemical barriers for long-term protection of your building against termite invasion. You can incorporate this method before getting started with construction and perimeter installation (which takes place as soon as the construction is complete, just before paving and landscaping).

Tips to Prevent Termites from Creating a Mess out of Your Home

  • Get rid of any kind of moisture in and around your home. Since moist places eventually become the breeding spots for termites.

  • Any kind of cracks that can give rise to water leakage needs to be repaired immediately. This form of water leakage could be from air conditioners, water pipes or damp walls.

  • It is important that you monitor all the wooden furnishings of your home from time to time. Wooden furnishings mainly include doors, windows, cupboards to name a few examples. In case you notice any kind of change, call in the termite protection services in Mount Isa – 4825, Mount Isa North West, Cloncurry, Julia Creek, Gulf of Carpentaria, Normanton, Karumba, Burketown Shire

  • It is always advised to call in the professional inspection team to check your home annually.

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With our termite protection service you can ensure that your new building remains termite-free. Contact us to avail free termite inspection. call us @ (07) 4749-2020

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