Termites Inspection

Out Back Pest offers a comprehensive termite inspection in Mount Isa, Qld to detect and confirm the presence of termites. Our team of experts incorporate latest technology and tools to find out the exact areas of termite damage and prepare a detailed report for your knowledge and satisfaction.

Intricate and Accurate Termite Inspection Report

We provide a detailed termites inspection report so that you know exactly how big the problem is. Our experts, who have years of experience and training in dealing with termites problem, suggest exact treatment method which is included in the report.

Our intensive termite inspection report includes the following

  • Detailed and thorough information on the building design and construction
  • Potential inspection limitations
  • Result of findings
  • Summarizing the findings
  • Recommendations
  • Proposal for treatment

Latest Detection Methods

For detecting termite presence we implement the latest technology which includes

  • Moisture Termite Detection
  • Heat Detection

Using advanced boroscope for confirming damage and activity inside the walls or cavities, without causing much disturbance to the termites

Termites Inspection Process- What We Do

  • Our professionals are well-trained and highly experienced when it comes to termites inspection. They undertake visual examination of your home interior to look for termites and what damage these white ants cause to crawlspaces and basements.
  • Our team also conduct a thorough inspection of the grounds and exterior foundation. Additionally, they look for termite whereabouts including termite droppings and wings. These professionals tap along the wooden areas of your house to confirm hollowness, search for bubbled painted surface and cracks- all of which are termite damage signs.
  • If you come across damaged wood in your home, it may indicate the presence of termites, but in most cases, termite damage is hardly visible. This is because termites survive and work in darkened spaces, away from natural light and prefer to stay there to avoid being detected easily.

Termite damage takes places so covertly and quietly that people find out about the damage when it reaches a bill of thousand or more dollars. Regular termite inspection is the only way to prevent termites from coming back for more destruction.

Our termite inspection service comes with warranty so can trust us wholeheartedly to help you get rid of termites once and for all.

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