Pest Control for Termite

Some primal termite knocked on wood
And tasted it, and found it good!
And that is why your Cousin May
Fell through the parlor floor today. ……………..(Ogden Nash)

Does this sound like the problem you are having at your home or at your office?

If yes, then do remember that OUTBACK PEST CONTROL has been fulfilling the requirement for pest control for termite quickly and effectively around homes in Mount Isa and CloncurryJulia CreekGulf of CarpentariaNormanton, Karumba & Burketown Shire region for over 10 years. If you are been driven crazy by termites, then call us to claim back your house from these pests in the shortest possible amount of time.

Pest Control for termites

Demand For Termite Pest Control Service in Queensland

mt isa climate data

The subtropical climate of Mt Isa makes this region a breeding spot for all kinds of pests. Understanding the kind of pain pests can be in the lives of people, we at Outback Pest Control do the needful of providing you with the effective termite protection solutions. These solutions help you to get rid of the problems that pests create in your home. The warm and humid weather with unpredictable monsoons in Mt Isa is a major problem. Specially during the summer months that sees an average maximum temperature of 35.2 degree Celsius.


Pest Control Service-Adwords Data November 2014-QLD

Google Average Monthly Search shows how desperately the people of Mount Isa are looking for quality pest control service. 22.3% of the total pest control searches in Australia are made from Queensland region. This means that 19,358 searchers for pest control service belong to Queensland area, of which Mt. Isa is a significant part with a population of  21,992 recorded as per 2011 census and 33,200 population in the surrounding areas .

What We Do to Control Termite In Mt Isa

We, at Outback Pest Control, boast of an experience stretching beyond a decade. This experience has helped us reach a place where our dynamic client base relies on us completely when pests like termites settle in their homes. Our trained and experienced team of professionals can effectively sort out the problem of pests at your home. So call us before these disgusting pests wreck havoc at your home in Mt Isa Qld.

Our team makes effective use of the chemical Termidor to get rid of these termites. Once the chemical Termidor is applied all around the house, it can provide respite from these pests for up to eight years. Termidor is water based and is approved for use in both, commercial and domestic institutions since it has no adverse effect on the environment.

We are adept in designing termite bait systems. These baits are actually slow poisons which are carried by the termite who consumes it, back to the colony. Hence, they are effective in eliminating the termite colonies altogether.

Important Facts

Termites can easily gain access to your house by building earthen leads up the side of piers

The timbers used in the roof area are the easiest places and are the most attacked spots. Therefore, it is a normal and regular drill to check and detect any kind of infestation beneath the roof area.

Earthen masses placed in the roof cavities and walls can also be considered as the breeding places for termites. It has often been detected that these areas have had millions of termites.

The moment a particular spot has been exposed, the termites leave those areas. This implies that you would need professionals who can tactfully not disturb the activity site and still get rid of the termites through various other control and identification methods.

A well scrutinised inspection method is a necessity in order to identify the common spots where termites can reside.

How Will You Find Us

In case there has been a termite invasion at your home, then call us today @ (07) 4749-2020 and we will take care of your needs.

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