Pest Control for Mosquitoes

I was climbing up the sliding board
When suddenly I felt
A mosquito bite my bottom
And it raised a big red welt.………………….By: J Patrick Lewis

Whether you have a special event or would like to be able to have the children play in the yard without the ever present mosquitoes, then do resort to OUTBACK PEST CONTROL since we have been fulfilling pest control requirements quickly and effectively for mosquitoes around homes in Mount Isa, Cloncurry, Julia Creek, Gulf of Carpentaria, Normanton, Karumba & Burketown Shire in Queensland region for over 10 years.

Pest Control For Mosquitoes

If you are being driven crazy by the fear of contacting diseases like malaria or dengue from the mosquitoes, then we can help you in eradicating this problem from your lives.


Pests Play a Spoilsport During the Summers

The subtropical climate of Mount Isa makes this place hot and humid for most of the months in a year. The average climate during the summer months from December to February is 35 degree Celsius. It is evident from above that the ideal climate and topography of Mt Isa has resulted in uncontrolled pest growth. The warmth and the humidity is the ideal condition for the pests to breed in your homes. Understanding the favorable climatic condition for pests, we at Outback Pest Control have made our presence felt for this particular reason.

mt isa climate data


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Demand for Mosquito Pest Control Service in Queensland

The people in Mount Isa are indeed plagued by the problem of pests and more so by mosquitoes because of the extreme heat and humidity. Google average monthly search data reveals that 21520 searches are made from Queensland Australia of which Mount Isa is a significant part with a population of 21,992 recorded as per 2011 census.

Pest Control For Mosquito - Qld

Why Choose Us to Control Mosquitoes In Mount Isa

We are locally owned business
Servicing Mount Isa, Cloncurry, Julia Creek, Gulf of Carpentaria, Normanton, Karumba and Burketown Shire region for over 10 years
We are fully insured
We hold Queensland Building Authority (QBSA) Licenses
We also offer training in all aspects of Pest management.
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Free Inspection Services

The Services We Offer To Control Mosquitoes In Mt Isa

For now let us focus on the services we provide to control the mosquitoes. The nagging sound when they are planning to make you prey is quite an irritation and we, at Outback Pest Control, do the needful to get rid of these mosquitoes completely.

We adopt the non chemical methods and this helps in reducing the population of mosquitoes considerably because through this method, we directly attack their breeding sites.

We remove all sorts of stagnant water in areas close to your home. The primary reason for us to do that is because stagnant water for a very long time eventually nests the breeding places for mosquitoes.

We clean off all the gutters near your residential areas because these areas not just have dirt and waste substances but also have stagnant water.

How Will You Find Us In Mount Isa

So, if mosquitoes are plaguing your home and surroundings, then do give us a call @ (07) 4749-2020.

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