Pest control for Flies

Help me!! These flies are taking over my home

OUTBACK PEST CONTROL has been fulfilling pest control for flies quickly and effectively around homes in CloncurryJulia CreekGulf of CarpentariaNormanton, Karumba & Burketown Shire in Queensland region for over 10 years.

Pest Control For Flies

So, if you are not being able to lead a peaceful life at your home because of flies, then do call us to claim back your house and get rid of these pests.

Demand For The Service [Pest Control For Flies] – Qld

The subtropical climate of Mt Isa makes this place hot and humid for most of the time throughout the year. The summer months starting from December to February has the average maximum temperature of 35.2 degree Celsius. This humidity makes Mount Isa a breeding hub for pests. It is time for people to make a move and take control of the pests before they eat up a considerable amount of space in your home.

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Flies thrive in plenty in Queensland because of the humid weather. Hence, every month 15760 people from Queensland are forced to search for effective pest control services for flies of which Mt Isa is a significant part with a population of f 21,992 recorded as per 2011 census and 33,200 population in the surrounding areas. Understanding this need of people, we at Outback Pest Control provide our ready assistance.

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Locally owned business servicing over 10 years in area of pest control

We hold Qld Building Authority (QBSA) Licenses and we are fully insured

We also offer training in all aspects of Pest management

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What We Do?

At Outback Pest Control, we have more than 10 years of experience and this has enriched us to the extent that today we understand the problems that our clients face much better and can come up with 100% effective solutions in dealing with any and all kinds of pests. We are a reputed organization in this business and are known to provide affordable and effective solutions among our client base in Mt Isa.

We invest time to get to know the problems faced by our clients better so we can deliver the expected results in the quickest possible amount of time. Our high quality pest control services in Mt Isa has ensured customer satisfaction.

Type of Flies We Control

Pest control for fruit flies

Pest control for house flies

Pest control for cluster flies

Pest control for drain flies

The Services That We Provide To Control Flies In Mt Isa

Our methodology in dealing with the flies also includes proper garbage disposal. This process reduces their breeding places, thereby reducing the population of the flies.

Trapping, adhesive flypaper, surface treatments along with electric fly traps are tried and tested solutions for countering this menace.

The wire mesh screening on doors and windows is extremely useful and has great benefits in keeping flies from entering one’s home.

Along with all this, we also employ several chemicals to eradicate the problem of flies.

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