Pest Control For Cockroaches


Help! Big fat cockroaches are crawling all over my home!!

Does this sound like a very familiar problem?

OUTBACK PEST CONTROL has been fulfilling the requirement for control of cockroaches quickly and effectively around homes in Mt Isa Qld region for over 10 years.

If your kids are scared of being at home because of the cockroaches, then call us to address the situation.

Summer months hit Mount Isa from December to February with the maximum temperature touching around 35 degree Celsius. The climatic conditions remain hot and humid for most part of the year allowing people to celebrate New Years and Christmas in the beaches. Summers are mostly hot and humid and this humidity gives scope to a lot of breeding ground for pests like cockroaches.

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In Queensland, 21,750 households search for pest control for cockroaches in one single month of which mount Isa [Rodeo Capital of Australia] is a significant part with a population of 21,992 recorded at the 2011 census. Understanding this weather problem, we at Outback Pest Control offer pest control services in Mt Isa

Demand For The Service Pest Control For Cockroaches – Qld

Demand For Pest Control for Cockroaches in Qld - Adwords Data, Dec 2014

What We Do & Why Choose Outbackpestnorthwest

With more than 10 years of experience in providing effective pest control solutions in Mount Isa, Cloncurry, Julia Creek, Gulf of Carpentaria, Normanton, Karumba and Burketown Shire, we know the results that will suit our clients the best.

Our team of technicians are flexible enough to suit the requirements of our clients. We take time to hear your problems as and when you have the time to address them. This process of detailed discussion with you allows us to draft a solution that will suit your home and lifestyle the most.

We are fully insured

We hold Queensland Building Authority (QBSA) Licenses

We also offer training in all aspects of Pest management.

Free Inspection Services

Preventive Measures and the Easy Ways of Detection

There are several easy detection ways and preventive measures that you can keep in mind if pests are bugging you too much. Let’s check out the easy practices:

It is always advised to store all food items in sealed containers or in refrigerators so that the food products can stay in an area completely inaccessible from cockroaches or any kind of pests.

Always use vacuum cleaners when cleaning floors or trying to clean food particles from the floors. People tend to use a wet cloth but that is never a good idea, since it increases the scope for certain residual food particles to settle in the crevices or the cracks. This evidently would increase the scope for cockroaches to feast in those areas.

All the kitchen appliances need to be inspected regularly like the microwave and the oven. These appliances have the scope to become the breeding place for the cockroaches since those areas have food crumbs and the warmth. So always clean the appliances after usage.

Reach Us To Get Rid Of Cockroaches

In case you need more assistance, you can always count on us because we are just a phone call away. Call Now! @(07) 4749-2020

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