Pest Control For Bed Bugs

  • Are you being bitten in bed?
  • Do you have wheals (red bite marks) on your arms, shoulders or back?
  • Blood spotting, faecal marks, egg cases on mattress and bed base seams?
  • Do you travel regularly, interstate or internationally?
  • Have you stayed in motels, backpackers or hotels that may have been infested with these bedbugs?

Does this sound like the problem you are having at your home?

OUTBACK PEST CONTROL has been fulfilling pest control requirements quickly and effectively around homes in Mount Isa and CloncurryJulia CreekGulf of CarpentariaNormanton, Karumba & Burketown Shire region for over 10 years.If you are losing out on sleep because of these bed bugs, then do call us

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Demand For The Service [Pest control for Bed Bugs] In Queensland

The hot and humid weather of mount isa keeps this region considerably hot throughout the year. The average maximum temperature during the summer months starting from December to February is 35 degree Celsius. This humidity gives rise to the problem of pests and soon you will realise that pests are all over your home.

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So it is important that you start acting and do something about the pests before this problem goes out of your control. So if you happen to be one among those 15370 people searching for effective pest control for bed bugs in Queensland of which Mount Isa is a significant part with a population of of 21,992 recorded at the 2011 census then your search ends with us.

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Fare Well To Bed Bug, Why Choose Us!

Understanding how such tiny pests can be real pricks in your lives, we at Outback Pest Control have all the right tricks up our sleeve to tackle the menace. The moment you notice pests in your home, all you need to do is give us a call and we immediately come at your service.

We employ technicians to control the bedbugs

We hold Queensland Building Authority (QBSA) Licenses

We are fully insured organization in Mount Isa to control bedbugs

We render training in all aspects of Pest management

Free Inspection services available for all type of pest in Mount Isa

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Treatment Program – Bed Bugs – The Services that We Offer

Our experienced team of professionals follow a systematic procedure to tackle this problem of bed bugs for you.

We usually start with proper inspection of the premises, room by room and identify the their breeding grounds. Usually the beds, the couches and the sofa sets are the ones affected by this irritating pests.

Our team is adept in conducting proper treatment of the affected rooms and the identified areas. We offer several non chemical and other required chemical management procedures.

We offer several non chemical and other required chemical management procedures. The techniques that we adopt are tried and tested mechanisms that has given us great results. Hence, we continue to offer our services through this process to keep our clients happy.

However, our work is not complete till our final inspection yields that there is no trace of bed bugs left after our treatment.

5 DIY Steps To Kill Bed Bugs

Bed bugs is one of the most difficult pest problems and the sooner you get rid of it, the better. But how many times can you call the pest control company to help you get rid of the bugs that irritate you and make your sleep disturbed? After a point even the people working in the pest control companies will get irritated. So the time has come for you to help yourself and work on eradicating the bugs from your room and eventually from your life.

You are just 5 Steps Away from Getting Rid of the Bed Bugs

All you need is the right combination of diligence and hard work to wipe out the bugs because they are indeed quite bugging. If you thought bed bugs treatment is a tiring task, then think again because the 5 steps that we tell you are simple to execute.

Detect the Rooms that are Bugged with Bed Bugs – Bedrooms are the soft targets for the bed bugs to attack. The next soft spot would be the living areas that have sofas and couch. Bed bugs spread like a viral and very gradually but at a steady pace starts to spread from one room to another. So the moment you spot them get to work and help yourself.

Never Throw Away the Mattresses – One of the biggest mistakes that people often do is, they throw away the bedding or the mattresses only to have it replaced with another one. All this is pointless because whether new mattress or not, the bed bugs attack those as well. The only solution is to opt for bed bugs treatment instead of replacing them.

Apply the Bed Bugs Treatment to the other Rooms as well – One of the biggest challenges that you might encounter is to start treating the other rooms as well after getting rid of the bed bugs in the room where it all originated. If you have been successful in detecting the bed bugs early, then chances are high that they have not spread and you would not need to treat the other rooms. Otherwise gear up to kill the bug in the other rooms.

Be Careful when Selecting the Insecticides – The sprays used to kill the bed bugs are easily available but the commercial insecticides needs to be applied carefully on the insects directly and on the areas where they hide. The bed bugs usually hide in any empty space or crevices where the aerosols find it impossible to penetrate.

Remember to Check after Regular Intervals – There are chances that the bed bugs might visit you again, in order to prevent all that, it is important for you to check the areas after regular intervals. It helps if you can detect them early rather than when they have spread considerably and you have a hard time to detect and kill them. Always remember to stay cautious when using pesticides if planning to spray them indoors because it has adverse effects on your health.


How Will You Reach Us In Mount Isa

We ensure complete eradication of these pests so that you can go back to enjoying your stipulated quota of sleep on a daily basis. Call @ (07) 4749-2020

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