Mosquitoes are not only suckers of blood from humans and animals, but they are also responsible for the transmission of many diseases, some of them fatal.

Mosquitoes have piercing and sucking mouthparts and are attached to their hosts once they detect warmth, moisture from the body and carbon dioxide being breathed out into the atmosphere. Perspiration on the human body may also be an attractant.


Non-chemical methods can significantly reduce mosquito populations, mainly by elimination of breeding sites, which is anywhere water is held; in pot plants, pools, swamps, dams, rock pools, discarded car tyres, old cans and tins – in fact anywhere water can be retained and left largely undisturbed, particularly during the warmer months. Guttering around a roof that retains water for several weeks is another mosquito breeding site which often goes unnoticed.

Door and window screens may restrict the entry of mosquitoes into houses but do not reduce mosquito numbers.

There are several types of non-chemical and chemical management measures that are available.

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