We have posted some links to common fact sheets here for your convenience and general information
If you have any specific pests that would like to be included here, please advise us via your “Area Button” and we will endeavour to oblige.
Identification should always be undertaken by a Professional Pest Management Technician with the correct qualifications and
experience within the industry.

If the PMT cannot identify the insect then they need to arrange a third party to identify it for you .

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in and around the home:


Red Imported Fire Ants:

Bed Bugs:

Carpet Beetle:

Clothes Moths:

Cockroach Species:

German Cockroaches:

House Dust Mites:


House Flies:

Human Lice:

Black Rat (Roof Rat): _Rat

Brown Rat (Sewer Rat):

House Mouse:


Spiders – In and around the house:

Australian Spiders:

White Tail Spiders:


Termites – How to reduce risk of infestation:


Poisons & Pest Management Queensland Health Department:

Bed Bug Code of Practice:

Queensland Building Services Authority (BSA):

Pest Management in the Food Industry in Australia and New Zealand – Code of Practice Pest Management in the Food Industry – 1st Edition.pdf

 ServicesYou Had The Rest, Now Try The Best

Outback Pest Control encourages team work between all staff and promotes a do it once and do it well mentality. Our staff, pride themselves on their ability to be qualified and flexible enough to fill in for staff in other roles when required. We employ locals and purchase our goods locally where possible. We encourage our staff to shop locally in order to support the community that supports us. We take pride in being an active organisation within our community. CONTACT the professionals at Outback Pest Control management Services to discuss your options and arrange a time for a technician to address your concerns. Our service areas include: Mount Isa, and surrounding areas, Cloncurry, Julia Creek, Gulf of Carpentaria including Normanton, Karumba and Burketown Shire.


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