Wood decay is caused by fungi which destroy the cellular content of wood, often leading to collapse. Moisture is essential for the fungi to develop and feed on the cells of the timber.

As wood dries it reaches a moisture content of about 12 to 15% in coastal areas and 8 to 12% in inland areas. Decay fungi will not develop in timber which has a moisture content of less than 20%.

Where there is a sustained high moisture content level, sometimes occurring under laundries, bathrooms and kitchens, it is often due to leaks in the plumbing.

Faulty or damaged guttering around a house can also lead to areas of high moisture which in turn may be affected by fungal decay.

These moist conditions are also attractive to termites, for the decaying timber provides them with wood, fungus and moisture.

It is important to recognize and rectify these conditions.

Call the professionals at Outback Pest Control Pest Management Services to discuss your options and arrange a convenient time for a technician to address your concern/s.


There are several things a homeowner can do to help prevent pest infestations. To maintain a pest free home, take these precautions:

  • Seal cracks in your homes exterior to help keep pests like ants, spiders and cockroaches from getting inside.
  • Be sure all doors and windows are properly sealed with tight fitting screens and weather stripping.
  • Do not leave uncovered food sitting out. It can attract flies that might land on it and spread harmful bacteria.
  • Consider storing clothing in plastic boxes or pouches to prevent fabric pests from getting to them.
  • Ensure that the ceiling and crawl spaces have sufficient ventilation. Proper ventilation creates an environment unsuitable for cockroaches and other pests. It also improves the heating and cooling efficiency of the home.
  • Do not allow pet food to sit out overnight, indoors or outdoors and do not feed pets more than they can eat.
  • Remove all piles of debris, stones, bricks, etc, around your home. They serve as a harbourage for pests, especially rodents.


With their shear like mandibles, worker termites can destroy the wood in your home, hollowing out wooden beams, gutting walls and ruining floors. They have been known to chew through vinyl, linoleum, PVC pipe and underground cables.

There are some things that you can do yourself to help reduce the risk of a termite infestation:

  • Repair any roof or plumbing leaks as soon as possible. These leaks can allow termites to survive above ground in a house.
  • Eliminate any timber to soil contact around your foundation and remove wood debris near your home.
  • Prevent mulch and soil from touching the siding of your home. This build up makes it easier for termites to enter.
  • Store firewood away from your home.
  • Seal nail holes and cracks in exposed wood to help prevent easy access by dry wood termites.

Contact the professionals at Outback Pest Control Pest Management Services to do regular inspections. This will also help detect termite activity and allow us to do prompt and proper treatment.

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