Advion Ant Gel Ant Gel SDS 0313.pdf

BattleAxe Aerosol BattleaxePRO MSDS.pdf/

Biflex Aqua Max AquaMax MSDS 0512.pdf

Biflex Ultra Lo 100EC NZ MSDS-March 10 .pdf


Term-Seal Multi-Purpose Active SDS.pdf


Termidor Dust Dust msds nov11.pdf

Termidor Residual

Wasp Freeze

Cislin 25 MSDs.pdf


Crackdown MSDs.pdf

Ditrac Rodent Bait

Generation Block Block MSDS_March10.pdf

Goliath Ant Gel

Home Guard Blue Blue MSDS 0612.pdf

Biflex Ultra Lo Ultra SDS 0912.pdf

Bithor Bithor SC.pdf


Optigard Ant Bait Ant Bait SDS 0313.pdf

Premise MSDs.pdf

Premise Foam Foam MSDs.pdf

Pro Link Sand

Pro Link Briquets

QuickBayt Fly Bait 0912.pdf

Rega Slim Traps Slim AU.pdf



Tempo MSDs.pdf

 ServicesYou Had The Rest, Now Try The Best

Outback Pest Control encourages team work between all staff and promotes a do it once and do it well mentality. Our staff, pride themselves on their ability to be qualified and flexible enough to fill in for staff in other roles when required. We employ locals and purchase our goods locally where possible. We encourage our staff to shop locally in order to support the community that supports us. We take pride in being an active organisation within our community. CONTACT the professionals at Outback Pest Control management Services to discuss your options and arrange a time for a technician to address your concerns. Our service areas include: Mount Isa, and surrounding areas, Cloncurry, Julia Creek, Gulf of Carpentaria including Normanton, Karumba and Burketown Shire.


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