Facts On Ants

  • Ants are social insects which live in nests. Ants have several castes with specific duties to ensure the survival of the colony.
  • Ants are often confused with termites (white ants) but the two insect groups have very little in common apart from their size and social behaviour.
  • Ants feed on a wide variety of foods, from those readily found in homes to the sugary excretions from plant bugs.
  • Ants can also be carriers of disease organisms since certain species are attracted to such things as dog faecal droppings and to other waste products in garbage containing organisms which cause dysentery or pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella.

Control Measures For Ants

When ants occur inside a house the following procedure is suggested:

  • Call the professionals at Outback Pest Control Pest Management to arrange a convenient time for our technician to address your concern/s.
  • Collect a sample and place in a small container and put it into the freezer.
  • Inspect the structure and the external areas to locate the nest or the area from which most of the infestation appears to originate and point these areas out to the technician when he/she arrives.
  • The technician will identify the species of ant and determine the most appropriate management measures, using sprays, and or dust. Gel baits may also be used where appropriate or where insecticides are not applied. Identification often assists with the location of the nest.
  • Eliminate food particles by using good hygiene as appropriate, both inside and outside the house. This may be as simple as cleaning up after pets have been fed and washing down all bench surfaces after meals have been prepared.


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